G&R Force Security provide a range of expertly tailored protection services for high-net-worth individuals, high profile sports professionals, businesses, sporting organisations and event management companies.

Our services include Close Protection, Residential Security (RSTs), and Exclusive Security for sporting organisations, sporting events and corporate protection.

Our clients choose G&R Security due to:


Combining over 30 years of security and military experience, G&R Force Security has protected many high-profile clients. 


We have extensive knowledge of threat, risk assessment and security planning which we utilise constantly to ensure the highest levels of protection for our clients.

Protective Duties

Our Close Protection operatives are fully licensed (SIA) and trained to the highest level, and our security teams can be rapidly deployed, to ensure your personal and family safety.

To discuss your protection requirements, please email us here or call us on +44 (0)7787 315 018 for a free assessment.